Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Miracles Do Happen

After my last appointment with Dr. G., he said at my next positive test to give them a call and get in for bloodwork and a start on my Lovenox injections. I fully expected I'd be waiting quite some time for that to happen, but apparently my body had a different idea in mind.  Apparently my change in diet along with my Metformin gave me an early kick start. I had done zero tracking or planning of any kind, and really had no idea where I was in my cycle.

On October 15th, I felt that now too-familiar naggy little headache. I took a cheap Dollar Tree test and thought I saw a line. It was what I call a "squinter" because it's barely there. The next morning I stopped and picked up a Walmart cheap $0.88 test and a pack of First Response tests. When I tested on the First Response test, there was a shadow of a line there. I have analyzed the hell out of tests over the years and I know a positive from a negative and I got excited but I just wasn't 100% sure I wasn't seeing things or trying to convince myself of a line.  My husband was no help. "I think maybe" was about the best I got out of him.  The doctor had told me that starting my injections wasn't an immediate need as long as I was on my baby aspirin, but that worried me because I knew things went from good to very bad VERY quickly in the past. 

My October 17th test was convincing enough for me. I called the doctor.  They immediately called in bloodwork for me. It was 6:30pm by the time the lab got me in, so I'd have to wait overnight for my results.  When the call came in, I was so happy. My HCG levels were a 10!  Under normal circumstances a 10 is very low, at the very end of what the even consider positive and viable, but hey! I was a 10!!

So, they called in my prescription for Lovenox. After momentary panic over the cost of those injections ($900/month) I decided I was more thankful than ever for our insurance, which covered all but $5.00 of those outrageously expensive blood thinners.  They wanted to show me how to inject myself, so after picking up my boxes from the pharmacy, I headed in for injection training.

My nurse was great. She said she thought I'd do just fine, that I certainly seemed motivated enough. When she showed me what to do, I stuck the needle in my belly and felt nothing. I also felt nothing as I injected the syringe. Wow, that was easy!  Much easier than the panic I had started to feel after hearing that it caused some pain. They made a follow up blood test for Friday to do a re-check of my levels.

When Friday rolls around and I go back in, I anxiously await the results. When it gets to be 4:45, I still haven't gotten a phone call. My mind instantly goes to bad news. Last time they made me wait through the weekend it was because my level had dropped to a 2. I started to panic.  At 4:55, the results are in. The nurse on the other side says "Well, hmm...let's see. Looks like you doubled, you are at a 20." If I could have sang from the rooftop in that moment, I would have. I had a double!  She tried to be rational with me right away and say "It just means it's very early" I said "That's ok! I have never had an actual double before!" she laughed and said "Well then I guess congratulations is in order!".  She said the doctor was gone for the day but she'd put the note in his mailbox and they'd let me know my next step on Monday. 

I fully expected he'd want more lab work on Monday, but no. He was confident with my level rise, and instead we're just going to schedule an ultrasound for November 8th.  At the time, it was a long 17 days away. Now, we're down to 15 days. It's flying by already. :) 

I still worry. I still have moments of panic. I have alarms set on my phone for my injections, vitamins and meds because I'm so freaked out I'll miss a dose of something.  But so far, things are good. My symptoms are good. And yes, I'm still testing and those tests just keep getting darker.  I hope at some point (maybe after the ultrasound) I can relax. But people, it looks like we're having a baby!!!!!!!!  After all this time, it's still very surreal.

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  1. Yay!!! Congrats dear!!!! I figured from your last post that you had gotten a positive :-) I'm very excited for you! And I know it's hard, but try to relax; it will be better for you and baby!